It all started way back in 2015, I never imagined that I can go the distance. Mama’s treat to me was a one-month vacation in Dubai, UAE but I quit my job in our country because I have some plans once I got there. It was my first solo flight. I traveled a lot there while seeking for a job. I got the role of a Marketing Executive (though I’m not quite sure what’s the job description). I’ve been in Iran (at its remote island in Kish) while waiting for employment visa. I’d been to Oman (though I haven’t had a chance to travel there) while waiting for tourist visa (because I quit the job after 3 months). My adventures abroad is ephemeral. Finally, I decided to go home but I didn’t stop exploring.


2. I’m constantly bored

As a result, I become a “Jack of all trades.” I learned quite a few skills (Baking, Dressmaking, Flower Arranging, Silk screen making, Computer skills, all for free (aside from being a product of my boredom in life) but still a master of none. I always have the urge to learn something new.


3. I’m a Bookworm and I hate Writing, before

My favorite places before are the library and our home (I don’t like to be at school though). Most of the books “borrow card” on our town’s public library is full of my name, that’s my pastime – to read books. There was even a time my father scolds me to stop reading books and do something different. But that’s all I know.

I learned to express myself  into writings. I’ve been writing my thoughts since grade school (letters to Mama because she’s working abroad). When I’m in college, I can’t embrace the idea of being a writer. Most people are the visual type and I’ve noticed that it only take a few seconds/minutes that people will appreciate the idea (sometimes, people forgot to see the details). When in writing, need to spend time until they understand/appreciate the point. I felt that if I pursue writing no one will appreciate my idea. So I pushed myself on being an artist and got frustrated on the process. I stop but that doesn’t mean I gave up, for now I’ll focus on writing.


4. I’m fond of FREEBIES

I’m a certified public school student since grade school until college. When there’s scholarship program I always send my application.  It’s not that my parents can’t afford, I just don’t wanted to have a big part on their budget. In terms of shopping, I’m not that loyal to a brand (unless it’s my favourite). If there’s a usable freebie or if there’s a huge discount on item/s that we need, that’s what I purchase. I’m kind of a cheapskate but I won’t be glamorous just to fit in even if I have tons of money. I’d rather look destitute but have something than to look rich but have nothing.


5. I’m proud of being an NBSB

Because I have Jesus. Though, there are times I’m kind of curious of how it feels like to have a romantic companion. “I’ve never known the lovin’ of a man, but it sure felt nice when he was holdin’ my hand,” how it feels to be hug by someone you love, to receive chocolates and flowers (though I’m not the “hearts and flowers” type of girl but I love to eat chocolates), to kiss (though I got lots of kisses from my Papa, my Granny, my Mom, sometimes my brothers). There are times I pray for it but then before I end my prayers I ask God to disregard what I said about that. Enough of the cheesy thoughts. It’s kind of an on/off decision for me this idea of being in a relationship.  I just don’t wanted to be influenced by the people around me. My parents and some close friends of mine got worried for me they even told me to not waste my genes and produce. Blah, I’m too lazy to even think about it.


6. I’m afraid to fall

People think I’m afraid of heights but I’m not. To me, its two different things. I’m just afraid to fall. If I’m afraid of heights I shouldn’t be doing mountain climbing.


7. I’m a wallflower with a little bit of sarcasm

It takes gut to talk to me (just kidding… but jokes are half-meant). I’m not the type who will start a conversation. If someone talks to me, I appreciate that though there’s some limitations. Once I got familiar to someone, that’s the time I’ll reveal some part of me. I’m brutally honest and could be sarcastic at times. That’s why I have a few friends, I can count them with my two hands.



Jalene B.D.S.

“I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)

 T: 718-0955          M: 09205375516

        E: thewisdomhunterblog@gmail.com 



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