(Learnings and Reflections based on Dr. Yap Meen Sheng’s Seminar held at Global City Innovative College.)


This is the first time I’ve heard about this approach of teaching or learning environment  – the flipped classroom.

In traditional classroom (which I believe most of us got used to as our learning environment), the teacher provide lectures and homeworks afterwards. But it’s a reverse with the flipped classroom approach wherein students/learners are given study materials or resources for them to study themselves prior to entering the class. The teacher only guides them and provide further insights and/or answers for their questions.  In this way teachers doesn’t just teach, they also interact with their students. Through interaction there will be an exchange of information between the students and the teachers resulting to more insights and learning. The students will have a good sense of query or will learn how to ask the right questions. I think this kind of learning approach is more effective if we want to produce or develop the student’s critical thinking ability and their social skills.


We are all lifelong learners because learning never stops and is always a work-in progress. We shouldn’t contain ourselves to the classroom where we got used to learn different things. Anywhere we go is an opportunity for us to learn because the world is our classroom.


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