Masasa Beach: 1000 PHP Budget Travel

God’s amazing works are meant to be adored and respected, it shouldn’t be vandalized. Kindly observe the “Leave No Trace Principle.”




Masasa Beach of Tingloy Batangas is indeed a quick getaway from the Metro. Aside from the stunning views it offer, the ocean of Masasa and the nearby islands are rich in marine biodiversity. During our boat ride going to Masasa, we saw a group of dolphins jumping out of the water for a quick moment. When we’re finally at the beach, we stroll around the rocky part of the beach or the sea urchins’ territory, it was low tide that time, there’s a lot of little sea creatures. Going back to Anilao pier, we saw a group of flying fish.


Though it’s quite crowded on weekends, I still quite enjoyed our stay there because of its beauty and truly rich marine biodiversity (hope it won’t be spoiled), the food we cooked on our own, and most of all the friendly and caring locals who live there.



You can ride a bus from Jam Liner Bus station, near Cubao, bound to Batangas Terminal. Once in Batangas Terminal, ride a jeep bound to Anilao Pier. Once at the Anilao Pier, ride a boat bound to Tingloy.


There’s a few activities you can do when in Masasa Beach. In the morning, you can do an early trek at Mag-Asawang Bato. Then you can roam around the beach, do snorkelling,and even island hopping for only 150 PHP for a group of 10 people. That’s all I can say, I don’t wanted to spoil you with what I’ve seen and experienced there. Better see it for yourself.



You can actually bring your own tent to sleep in. The good thing about Masasa beach are its residents, they’re very friendly and accommodating. During our stay there, they are the ones who help us set up our tent and even guard our tents and belongings while we snorkel. They’re not even asking anything in return.


But there are some residents there who’s willing to provide their house for accommodation if you’re not into the backpacking style of pitching a tent to sleep in.



  • There are schedules of boat rides to Tingloy. First trip starts at 9 am. So as much as possible, make an early trip to Batangas so you won’t end up renting a private boat.
  • Be polite with the locals.They’re friendly and very accommodating to your needs without even asking anything in return. One of the best places I’d been to because of the people.
  • Be a responsible person. Don’t throw your garbage just anywhere. As always, practice the “LNT principle.”
  • During our stay at Masasa Beach, there’s only one washroom in the area. Using the toilet costs 10 PHP and taking a showercosts 20 PHP. But there’s a well near the area where we washed up for FREE (as what I’ve mentioned the people are so kind there) and where we got our drinking water as well (and YES it’s clean!).



Joan Manungsong – 09121746992

Just in case she asked you where you get the number, let her know that it’s from the girl,from a group who suddenly wanted to ride the first boat trip going to Anilao Pier, who they helped with disassembling the tent and who wanted to go back again by herself.



Cubao to Batangas roundtrip fare (165 x 2) = 330 PHP
Jeep to Anilao Pier (37 x 2) = 74 PHP
Boat to tingloy (80 x 2) = 160 PHP
*Trike to Masasa Beach (15 x 2) = 30 PHP
Registration fee = 30 PHP

Snorkelling for 1 hour = 100 PHP

*FOOD budget= 200+ PHP



*1 tricycle’s fare rate is 60 PHP divided to 4 pax

*Food contribution depends on the number of pax of a group


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