DIY-ing Bangkok, Thailand

By Jalene B.D.S.


It was a rush decision because of the seat-sale promo and another thing I have a friend there whom I wanted to meet in person. Supposedly, I’ll do the trip alone  but my father saw me booking a ticket and will not allow me to go if I’m by myself. So, Papa and I went to explore Thailand.


I did some research a few days prior to our flight. It’s a nerve-racking experience for I bravely took responsibility of the tour and said that we don’t need to get a travel package (though I have limited time for I have to work and study). I came up with this itinerary:


Ideal Itinerary (Thailand)

Realistically, we weren’t able to go to all those places listed. This is how we spent our 5 days/4 nights stay in Thailand, instead.



NOTE: I have a separate post about Assumption Cathedral, Lumphini Park, Grand Palace, Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Suan Pakkad Palace, and Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre.


DAY 1: We arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport around 9 am. And took the Airport Rail Link going to Ratchaprarop Station. Our accommodation is around Pratunam area, near the Palladium Mall. We met my friend Rajit at the Platinum Mall. I’m very grateful to her, we were able to explore Bangkok the following days because she gave me tips and info on how to get around the city without being scammed.



Wat Pathum Wanaram



People praying at the altar of Buddha and its Saints



View of Erawan Shrine from Bangkok’s Skywalk



At the Central World Plaza



Trimurti Shrine (left), where people pray for love. Ganesha Shrine (right), where people pray for success.


If I were to describe our first day in Bangkok, it’s a “Mall & Shrine tour.”


DAY 2: Papa and I went to Assumption Cathedral in the morning. Before we get to the Assumption Cathedral, I got a glimpse of Sathorn Unique Tower from Saphan Taksin Station. It was left unfinished due to the 1997 Asian financial crisis as what I’ve read from the previous research I got. I really wanted to go inside but my father stopped me from doing that because there’s no one around. Then I read a few articles about it and I find out that entry to the building is prohibited for your own safety. Though it’s prohibited, it became a popular destination for urban explorers. Moving forward, we spent the afternoon walking around Lumphini Park.



Sathorn Unique Tower, aka as the Ghost tower, is a 49-storey building left unfinished is situated in Bangkok City.


BTS – From Siam Station, drop off at Saphan Taksin station. It’s just across the street.



Assumption Cathedral


BTS – From Siam Station, drop off at Saphan Taksin station. Then, you can ride the river boat epress from Sathorn Pier to Oriental Pier. Or you can just take a walk from Saphan Taksin Station. Just turn left and walk straight. Once you reached 40 Charoen Krung, turn left and you’ll see the Cathedral on the left side.



My father, walking towards the entrance of Lumphini Park


BTS – From Saphan Taksin Station, drop off at Sala Daeng station.


DAY 3: It wouldn’t be complete without going to Thailand’s Grand Palace. It’s packed with tourist everyday, it’s quite difficult to take a picture perfect view. So I just roam around amazed by how detailed and majestic the structures are.



The demon warrior at the Grand Palace


BTS – From Siam Station, drop off at Saphan Taksin station. Then, from Sathorn Pier/Oriental Pier, ride the Chao Phraya river boat express and drop off at Tha Chang Pier. Walk across the street and you’ll see the white walls. Follow the crowds to the entrance.



Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall


From Tha Chang Pier, ride the Chao Phraya river boat express and drop off at Thewej Pier. We just walked going to Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall. From Thewej Pier, we walked straight ’till we reached 2 stoplights then we turned left.

Or, if you don’t wanted to walk, just ride a tuk tuk to get to Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall.


DAY 4: We’re supposed to be going to Ayutthaya, the ancient city. But due to inclement weather, we decided to just roam around the area. We went to Suan Pakkad Palace, where we met fellow citizens (kabayan) from Davao. In the afternoon, we visited Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre.


Suan Pakkad Palace Museum



Bangkok Art and Culture Centre



Suan Pakkad Palace & Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre. It’s just a walking distance from the place where we stayed.



DAY 5: On  our way home, I thank God we met fellow travelers from our country as well. Papa will now allow me to explore as far as I can as long as I have companion/s and they will be.



Future travel mates



b13        b12

b14         b15

b11          b10

b04           b03

b47           b46

b61           b35


  • At first, I’m quite nervous to explore Bangkok. I noticed that most Thai’s don’t speak that much in English. So you have to find ways for them to understand you. Whenever we asked for direction I just show the name of the place we’re going to. Just be direct to the point, no need to ask in complete sentences.
  • When shopping, they usually give discount for a minimum purchase of 3 quantities per item. Try to haggle down the price.
  • Thailand, just like Philippines, has the world’s worst traffic as well. To save something on your budget when getting around the city, utilize Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain, take a bus, or ride on Chao Phraya River express boat. You can also hire a taxi or a tuk tuk to get around Bangkok. If you’re going to ride a taxi, asks for the meter to be turned on. If you’re going to ride a tuk tuk, negotiationg and haggling the fare rate is a must because they usually charged an inflated rate especially if you’re a tourist.
  • Try the local foods.


Aside from the souvenirs/pasalubong, I ended up buying some stuff there.



Embroidered coin purses made in Thailand



Dried kiwi & Sampaloc



Bags & Wardrobes




If ₱1 = ฿1.50, we only spent ₱6,867.00 for our 4D/3N stay in Thailand.

NOTE: Fare and Travel tax is not included. But terminal fee is already included on the plane ticket I booked.

Fare for 2 pax costs ₱3,744.20

Travel tax for 2 pax costs ₱3,240.00


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