BUNTOT PALOS FALLS: Exploring Hidden Falls of Laguna (Part 2)

By Jalene B.D.S.


Buntot Palos is one of the grandest falls of Laguna towering 80 meters tall. The duration of the trail going to Buntot palos falls takes 1.5 – 2 hours only. You can start the trail either at Pangil, Ecopark or at Balian Outpost.


Robin, a college friend of mine, is a resident of Pangil, Laguna. He invited us (my brothers and I) to go to their place and visit Buntot Palos Falls. We stayed at their house and ate a light breakfast.


Breakfast at the Talavera’s House



The Talavera’s House


We started our trek at Pangil, Laguna with his father as our guide.



We started our trek quarter to 11 in a cloudy morning



My little brother and Robin’s Father who guided us



The water source


It took us 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Buntot Palos Falls. According to his father, the place is usually crowded on Saturdays or Sundays. But on our visit, we’re blessed because there’s few visitors of this majestic falls and most of them are the locals.



Buntot Palos falls is quite gigantic









Robin’s cliff dive moment at Buntot Palos Falls



TIP: If you wanted to monopolize the place, go there early. Start the trek at 8am so you’ll have more time to appreciate the beauty of the place.



05:00 – Assembly at Raymond Bus terminal

05:30 – ETD to Buntot Palos

08:00 – ETA to jump-off

08:30 – Start trek (2 hours)

10:30 – ETA to Buntot Palos Swim swim swim

11:00 – Lunch

13:00 – ETD from Buntot Palos

14:40 – ETA to jump-off / Wash up

15:40 – ETD from Pangil, Laguna

18:40 – ETA to Manila



  • via Bus. Take a bus at Raymond’s Bus terminal at Legarda. Get off at Famy, Laguna.  (Take note: As for our case, we waited for the bus at the Robinson’s Galleria. Bus fare for ordinary bus is 90 PHP )
  • Ride a trike/hire a trike going to the registration area (Balian outpost) where you can hire a guide.  (Take note: For your safety, hire a tour guide.)



Bus Fare = 120 PHP

Trike fare = 100 PHP (max.of 4 pax)

Tour guide fee = 300 PHP (max. of 4 pax)

Registration fee = 25 PHP



2 thoughts on “BUNTOT PALOS FALLS: Exploring Hidden Falls of Laguna (Part 2)

  1. Wow. Kahit hindi ako nakasama, naapreciate ko yung beauty and feeling ko andun din ako.
    Keep blogging Jalene. Hehehe. Lalo na pag di ako kasama sa mga lakad mo. Hehe ✌

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