Curious George

By Jalene B.D.S.


The initial assignment given by a professor on my major subject in the graduate school was about making a presentation about “Curious George.” It’s a nostalgic feeling for I’ve watched this movie when I was in high school and I like it.  The story is simple but there’s more to it than you can imagine if you just open your mind. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s just about the curious monkey and his adventures in the city with “the man in the yellow hat.” In order to save the museum, the monkey was able to help the man find what he’s looking for – the 40 feet tall idol of the Zagawa Shrine, to be displayed on the museum where “the man with the yellow hat” is working for. )




George is a little brown monkey with inquisitive eyes that is always ready in seeking adventures. He lives in the forest of Africa along with the other animals. George isn’t living with his parents but he’s still an optimistic and cheerful little monkey. But one thing that describes him well is that he’s a passionately curious creature. His curiosity knows no boundaries.


His curiosity leads him to the “man with the yellow hat” and he experience more adventures upon entering the city. In the film adaptation, he was named George by the “man with the yellow hat” when the children at the park insisted him to give the monkey a name. The man with the yellow hat saw the statue of George Washington and that’s where he got his name.


George’s curiosity often brought him into troubles but he never stop. He learns from both experiences (good or bad) and move forward. His curiosity leads him to great opportunities for learning and adventures in life.





  • Curiosity is the catalyst of real learning. When we’re eager to learn something it makes us move towards the answer. We doesn’t necessarily relies on what has been told to us or what we read in the books, there’s an action involved. It leads us the way and along the process we came to find interesting things to do that will give us insights which we’ll remember as long as we live.


  • Curiosity is both fun and oftentimes brings trouble. Curiosity can give us good and bad experiences. But the most important thing is, we should enjoy the learning process and if it gave us trouble/problem we should learn from it and do the right thing.


  • Curiosity is the key to creativity. Curiosity and creativity are interrelated. Creativity is born out of curiosity.


  • The world is our school.  We can learn anything, anywhere we go. Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom, it’s a continuous process. And the best way to learn is to experience it.


  • Never Stop Exploring. Life would be boring if we limit ourselves from learning. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.

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