Kalibo Summer Trip

By Jalene B.D.S.


I think the very first thing that comes to people’s mind when they heard about the place “Kalibo” is Boracay but there’s many other place that you can go to as well. I’m not a die-hard fun of Boracay despite its popularity, I never even imagined that I can go there someday. But since it’s mostly a sponsored trip, I grabbed the oportunity . I only spent 1500 PHP (roundtrip ticket – Cebu Pacific & Air Asia promo).


There’s two airports serving Boracay-bound passengers – (1) Caticlan (2) Kalibo. We chose the latter. Here’s a short details of our trip in Kalibo.



DAY 1: We traveled from Kalibo to Malay, Aklan where we stayed for the night at Aunt AnnaLiza’s House before we go to Boracay the next day.


Aerial shot of Kalibo


DAY 2: We went to Narra Resort, Nabaoy River. In the afternoon, we went to Boracay. We strolled along the beach by evening. It’s very crowded, you’ll see people from different sides of the world. Boracay is very commercialized.


This my kind of place.


DAY 3: Woke up early (around 5 AM) so I can watch the sunrise. Instead, I just walk along the beach until I reached Station 3. Mornings in Boracay is what I like the most – it’s peaceful and there’s few people around. While walking along the shores I noticed kids (our native Aetas), just sleeping on a carton. It pierced my heart to see them homeless especially after knowing that they were the first inhabitants of Boracay and they were driven away from their own land.




We did Island Hopping – Crystal cove, Crocodile Island, Yapak Beach…



DAY 4: Walk along the beach until I reached Station 1 where the Grotto is situated. We checked out at 12 nn and traveled back to Aunt AnnaLiza’s House.


The souvenirs I bought from her only costs 10 PHP each



DAY 5: We went to Nayag Resort, Nabaoy River in the morning. Then in the afternoon we went to Nabas Windmills.


Nabaoy River is Boracay Island’s source of fresh water.






We weren’t able to watch the sunset at Nabas windmills


DAY 6: We went to Kalibo in the morning. We went to the Port in the morning, then Bakhawan Eco-Park in the afternoon.


Aunt AnnaLiza’s House



The Port



Bakhawan Eco-Park



The Bridge




DAY 7:  We went to Sampaguita Garden Resort. Entrance fee on Mondays is FREE.


Entrance at the Sampaguita Resorts Garden



House full of souvenirs


DAY 8: Time to fly home!






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