PUP MBA Chronicles: M.H. del Pilar Campus

By Jalene B.D.S.


First, we were told to get a Bachelor’s degree. And now, are you ready to take it to the next level?

If YES, then here’s a quick overview of the process.

1.Choose your Master’s Program


2. Process your online application for the GSEE (Graduate School Entrance Examination)

After entering the information print the payment voucher and you can pay the entrance examination fee 500 PHP through PUP Cashier or through Landbank. I processed mine through PUP’s Cashier after that I submitted the initial requirements.


3.  Process the requirements you need to provide before taking the entrance examination

Initial requirements

  • Original and Photocopy/CTC of Transcript of Records (from the last school attended)
  • Original and Photocopy of Birth Certificate (NSO Authenticated)
  • Original and Photocopy of Certificate of Marriage (for female married applicant only)
  • Certificate of Employment or Service Record (if employed)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character (from employer) or Brgy. Certificate/Clearance
  • Medical Certificate

NOTE: They’ll just check the original TOR and Birth certificate, but once you passed the GSEE they will get the original copies of it. Download your e-permit online.


4. Prepare for the entance examination

At this point, I can’t provide you any reviewer for I haven’t done any reviews as well. One thing I can advise, be optimistic. Pray for it and do your best during the exam. I took some clues to get the answer from the options since it’s a multiple choice questionnaire. And as usual it’s time-bound, you only have 1 hour and a half to answer the exam. Refer to the format of the exam.

I. Analogy

II. Synonyms:

III. Antonyms

IV. Math

V. Reading Comprehension

VI. Essay

NOTE: Bring pencil, eraser, e-permit, 1-pc 2×2 ID picture, 1 valid ID.

5. To view the result of the GSEE, refer to the link below:


6. Attend the interview and choose your specialization

As for my case, I chose MBA (Master’s in Business Administration). 3 Specialization you can choose from: (1) Financial Management (2) Marketing Management (3) Human Resource Management

7. Process the enrollment

Tuition Fee: 400 PHP per unit

Miscellaneous fee: 1,700 PHP

Maximum units to take for Summer term: 6

For further inquiries: 716-0933


21 thoughts on “PUP MBA Chronicles: M.H. del Pilar Campus

    • Frankly speaking, it’s just like being enrolled to a bachelor’s degree. But it depends on the professor and your learning style. There are some professors who are still traditional – there’s a lot of reporting wherein students just put in anything on their powerpoint presentation about the topic assigned to them and then they just read it while presenting it to the class. I can just read it at home instead of going every weekend at school just to hear them read it. Though there are also some Professors who are outstanding with their teaching skills. I think it really depends on the professor and your learning style. So far, I encountered 3 professors out of 13 who are really brilliant.


  1. Can I take entrance examination before the scheduled enrollment/application or I will take entrance examination within the period of enrollment/application? What is the passing grade/rating for entrance examination (if any)?
    Thank you. 🙂


  2. Hi Sir, found your blog very helpful. Any ideas about the interview? Is it true that on the interview, we should have thesis proposal? Thank you for kind respose and God bless.


  3. Hello. Im interested to apply. Pero paano ninyo pinrocess yung medical certificate? Parang sa pre employment din na kumpleto yung checkup?


  4. Hi ask ko lang if pre req to enroll on the 1st sem in order to take the 2nd sem?
    in my case kasi i failed to finish my requirements for the 1st sem, thats why im thinking po if possible naman to still take mba on the 2nd sem. (My first time to take MBA supposedly)


  5. Hi! pleasant day, I applied for the entrance exam for this semeter. if ever I passed but my overall grade requirement is lower than 2.0 will it still be possible for the school to consider me? Honestly my college days were a bit rough. 🙂 thank you your blog was helpful by the way 🙂 God bless.


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