Is Grad School Really Worth It?

By Jalene B.D.S.


To be perfectly honest, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree and now a Master’s degree was never part of my dream. My ultimate goal in life (when I was in high school) is to own a business and be my own boss. I just wanted to be financially free. I don’t think that a degree will help me with that as what I understand with that book I got fond of reading back then- Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. That book taught me a lot about the importance of investing  and doing your own thing rather than working under someone else’s company for the rest of your life and got stuck at the never-ending rat cycle! Sensible enough.

In reality, it’s hard to start your own business in the country. So, there I was after graduation in high school I let my father do the planning and processing of where I should study. And since I’m not serious about it, I just picked the course Advertising and Public Relations out of the blue. The application of  the knowledge and skills I learned from this degree was ephemeral. I only use the degree for 3 months, then I entered the BPO industry for a year and a half. I got back to the Marketing industry but in other country and I quit again after 3 months. When I came back I entered the BPO industry again, until now I’m still here. But I can’t see myself staying here for the rest of my life. The reason why I can’t stay or hesitating to enter the same industry where my degree is related to because I can’t afford my salary being compromised. I have a family I need to support.

And here I am, contemplating what I just did. I’ll just take it as a diversion for my boredom at work so I can still have a reason to stay. Since it’s one of the reasons why I went home, I need to pursue it for it can come in handy on my future endeavours. I thought I wouldn’t pass. But thinking of the expenses I spent for taking the entrance exam (application fee, medical certificate fee, fare, and other requirements fee) I couldn’t accept failure at this point so I asked and didn’t doubt and it was given to me. Thank God! One thing I can say, this time I will finish what I started. I already paid my tuition fee so there’s no turning back now.


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