TAAL CRATER LAKE: Trek via Regular Trail

By Jalene B.D.S.


Tagaytay is just an hour away from Manila. I really wanted to explore Taal for I wanted to see the beauty of the lake within this volcano island. But plans going to Taal Crater Lake always got postponed. But this time, it did push through and it was just an overnight plan where we communicate through social media.





“Binintiang Malaki” mistakenly known as Taal Volcano

Taal is the world’s smallest active volcano situated in Tagaytay, Philippines. One common misconception about Taal Volcano is that it is the small volcano (see photo above) situated within the freshwater lake.



Boat ride going to Taal Volcano island only took half an hour


Upon arrival to Tagaytay, you’ll see some boatman on the road offering boat ride service going to Taal Volcano island. You can haggle the price. We are 5 in a group.



Registration area

At the island, tourism fee costs 100 PHP per pax and it’s required to get a guide. It is advisable to bring a face mask, it’s kind of dusty along the road.





It took an hour trek going to Taal Crater Lake. The view of the lake is refreshing for the eyes to see, that viewing this lake seems not enough. I wanted to swim on this lake but that’s a different trail and they called it the “Secret Trail” which is kind of expensive.  We only took the regular trail and it’s worth it.



T1 (2)

Taal Lake is situated within Taal Volcano island’s caldera



5:45 AM – Meetup at Pasig Rotonda

6:00 AM – Departure to Tagaytay (via private vehicle)

7:00 AM – Arrival to Tagaytay

8:00 AM – Search for a Boat Ride to Taal Volcano Island

8:30 AM – Arrival to jump off point – boat terminal / Departure to Taal Island Volcano

9:00 AM – Arrival to Taal Volcano Island and Registration

9:30 AM – Start Trek going to Taal Crater Lake

10:30 AM – Arrival to Taal Crater Lake

11:30 AM – Start Descent

12:30 PM – Arrival to registration Area

1:00 PM – Arrival to jump off / Wash up

1:30 PM – LUNCH

2:30 PM – Departure to Manila

4:00 PM – Arrival to Manila



300 PHP = Boat ride fee

100 PHP = Tourism fee

100 PHP = Guide fee

89 PHP = Food

45 PHP = Drinks

100 PHP = Toll fee and gas contribution



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