Hundred Islands Day Tour: It’s not 100, it’s 123!

By Jalene B.D.S.


Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands and a hundred (technically 123) of them is found in Alaminos, Pangasinan. You can visit 100 islands in just one day!





Crossing the Waterbridge at Governor’s Island

Governor’s Island – You can see the 360-degree view of the hundred islands at its “view deck.” You can also try the zipline here (546 m) at 250 PHP only. At the other side of the water bridge is the Virgins’ Island.


Take a walk at the Virgin’s Island


Virgins’ Island – dead corals lies on its shoreline but the sand is white and fine.



The sea of Hundred Islands’ is a hue of blue green



Cliff diving at Marcos Island and Cuenca Island


This is not the highlight of the tour but this cliff diving experience left an indelible mark to me. There’s quite a few who’s undecided to dive but really wanted to try it and I’m one of them. I don’t know how to swim but I have a life vest. So, I go to the queue. And when it’s my turn, I wasn’t able to jump. The crowds keep on cheering and counting waiting for the jump. There’s a lot of times I almost jump but I stopped. The queue went long so the person organizing the queue pushed me (which I didn’t know that time, I just realised I am falling!). After this cliff diving experience at Marcos Island, I tried it again at Cuenca Island. I wanted to do it consciously without someone pushing me by surprise. I did cliff diving thrice at Cuenca island.


In life, there are some things worth diving for and all you need is courage and decisiveness to do that. These are the challenges/trials that will make you stronger and mature enough to face the world. We’re already equipped to face the challenges ahead of us and the world is our resources in order to get to that point. There are some who may push you to until you get to that point but you can’t always depend on them. You have to do it on your own.




Quezon Island – this is where we ate our packed lunch. After lunch, we prepared our snorkeling gears to explore sea creatures. Some activities to do here: Zipline (120 m), wall climbing, and rappelling.



A colony of bats live on this island


helmet diving xp

Helmet diving experience

TIP: Bring some crumbs to feed the fishes. They’ll surround you and its great for picture taking.



People I met on this Day Tour



I joined an organized tour I saw posted on social media. I kind of hesitated because I don’t know the organizer personally. But it’s worth the risk.

We traveled via private vehicle. It took us almost 4 hours to reach Alaminos, Pangasinan.



0200 Meet up Cubao (Private Van)

0800 Baranggay Lucap, Alaminos City

0830 Estimated time of departure (ETD) of boat for island hopping

Governor’s Island View Deck

Children’s Island Quezon Island (lunch) Coral Garden (snorkeling) (snorkeling gear rent 150/head)

Marcos Island (cliff jumping at Imelda Cave)(basta di low tide at di malakas ang alon, if only approved by the tour guide)

Cuenco Island

1600 ETD of boat going back to Lucap Wharf

1630 ETA Lucap Wharf

1730 ETD of van going to manila



1000 PHP = Hundred Islands Day Tour (including transportation fee)

300 PHP = Helmet diving (20 mins.)

20 PHP = Shower fee




CONTACT for Hundred Islands Day Tour

Contact # : 09428376080

Email Address :




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