Capones Island: A Look Back in History

By Jalene B.D.S.


Capones Island, also known as Isla de Gran Capon, is a small island located at the province of Zambales. The island outlines white sand beaches and the rock formation on its shores.


Capones island


From the rocky shores where we landed, we started our trek to the lighthouse. Though there’s no signage along the way, you will never be lost for it has a small trail you can follow.



Trekking to the lighthouse only took 10–15 minutes


Upon reaching the lighthouse, you will notice that trees are growing all over the place. But we went inside and explore the lighthouse anyway.



Capones lighthouse



Exploring the ruins of Capones lighthouse




The only structure on this island is the ruins of the lighthouse which was first used on August 1, 1890. This historical lighthouse was built to guide vessels entering and leaving the country.


If you plan to go to Zambales, include Capones island on your itinerary. Take a glimpse of this historical place and the beauty of its surrounding nature.


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